Why Should You Take Care Of Your Car Windows?

The windows in your car offer more than just an opportunity to enjoy the view. Windows, whether they are automatic or manual are extremely important.

Most cars have a general control that allows the driver to lock even the rear windows. This is extremely important with kids on the car as it will ensure that you can focus on the road without worrying about your kids getting their hands or any stuff out of the window.

Power windows are easy to control and a simple click of a button is enough to get them rolling back to their place instead of the manual windows that use manpower to roll back to their original place.

If you have an old car that is not equipped with power windows, the good news is that you can easily switch to them. All you have to do is to head to a professional, who will replace you manual machine with a power automatic one.

Windows keep people safe inside the car. Without windows the insides of the car will be subject to dust particles, rain, and snow at all times. This will not only harm the insides of your vehicle but can impose a hazard on however is inside. When you are driving on a high road, the speed of air can be a little bit uncomfortable, let alone flying dust particles that might enter the eyes of the driver or the passengers. Moreover, windows protect people in the car against any flying gravel or hail that can be dangerous.

For these reasons, it is extremely important to take care of your car windows. Damage in any window should be dealt with quickly. A small crack in a window can be easily fixed. Professionals know how to handle such small cracks by injecting special substances that help fix and keep the glass in good condition. If left unfixed, a small crack can turn into a big one. This will make the glass unstable and can be broken even with the slightest collision or push.

Maintaining your car windows is something that you should not ignore and should always leave to the professionals to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

The Importance of Automotive Filter Changes

Just like humans who need clear air to breath and function, cars are no different. Our lungs clear the air and make it possible for our bodies to use. By the same token, the air filter and the oil filter work to make it possible for the engine to work properly.

Why is it important to change the air filter?

Air filters are the first line of defense against the dust and dirt. If the air filter is not working properly, this gunk will get caught up in the engine and its internal parts. Air filters are not expensive but greatly affect the performance of the car. In fact, 1 in 5 cars do need an air filter change that has been overlooked.

Usually this gunk gets trapped in the hoses, cylinders and in the engine itself and if they keep on building up, they can lead to real costly repairs. In addition to that, dirty air filters can lead to some serious health issues. You can end up with sore throat or breathing problems on top of the bad smell that might be due to the mold and bacteria locked in your air filter.

Why is it important to change the oil filter?

Most car drivers realize the importance of engine oil, as without it the engine will not work. The oil lubricates the internal parts of the engine to keep your car moving. But unlike the oil, many people don’t understand the importance of the oil filter or why it should be changed regularly.

Typically speaking, the oil filter should be changed with every oil change, which is already recommended by the car manufacturer and the oil manufacturer. Various parts of metal chip off while the engine is running and at the same time the oil temperature rises up high. The oil filter purifies the oil from all these particles and prevents the damage to the engine parts. The higher quality the filter, the better it is at keeping even the smallest particles away from getting inside the engine.

Changing your car filters as recommended will extended the life of your engine and your car.




Restoration of Tread on Old Tires, Is This Safe?

Tires are wear items that need to be replaced when their time is up. They are made of rubber which gets affected by the elements in addition to the wear and tear due to travelling for long distances. Bad tires are one of the most important causes of accidents, since they are the main reason your car stays safe even with speeding.

There is a lot you can do to keep your tires in shape for as much as they should be. You need to always check your tires pressure because driving on deflated tires cuts the rubbers and shortens its life.

Some people think that tires are so expensive to buy so they opt out of buying new tires by restoring old ones. Some car shops offer this option for people who want to save a buck or two. But is the cost of saving money worth the risk of not buying new tires?

Actually this depends on the type of tires. If you have ordinary tires, then restoring them might seem like an economical aware option while it is actually causing you a lot of damage on the short and long run. Having tires that are not safe, can subject your life and others to danger. Apart from the fact that your vehicle might roll off the side of the road and crash.

But restoring tires might not be a total no-no. In some cases, it is pretty doable and is actually what they were designed for. Some tires are designed with this in mind. They are especially designed with extra rubber which can be extracted using a special heated regrooving tool. But unless your tires are not designed for this specific purpose, restoring them could be a real hazard that is not worth the money you think you are saving.

You need to make sure that your tires are regroovable, otherwise it could be really dangerous to use those old tires. Some con artists cut the corners of the tires to give them a new look but it is needless to say that this could be really dangerous.


Repairing your car for winter

Changes in temperature can take a toll on your car and its internal parts. There are a few things that you can do to prepare your car for the cold season and to keep it in top shape ready to face the rain, the snow and the thunderstorms. Here is a list of what you need to do to get your car ready for winter and to repair it before the blizzards hit:

  • Make sure that you replace your windshield wiper blades. The rubber on the wiper blades gets dry and flaky over time due to the heat from the sun. It is advised to replace the rubber before winter begins to get it ready to face rain, snow and splashes from other cars.
  • Use a special windshield cleaner that won’t freeze in order to have a clear sight while you are driving on the road.
  • Make sure that your tire pressure is adjusted. The tire pressure rises and falls according to the temperature. Driving on the wrong pressure can make your car slide which can cause serious accidents.
  • Check your defrosting unit. This is important since it helps you see the road clearly when you are driving in cold weather.
  • Check that you AC is working properly. Sometimes setting your AC to work on hot setting is the only option you have to drive in a cold weather.
  • Check your antifreeze level. When it is below the appropriate level, your engine will heat up and might stop working altogether.
  • Cold weather can make your oil too thick. Check your oil level and make sure that it is not below the mark.
  • As mentioned before rubber gets affected by the rise and fall in temperature. Your engine has a lot of rubber belts and hoses that might crack with cold weather or extreme heat. Check them all before the cold season begins. Have them replaced since this would be the only way to ensure your safety.


Preparing and repairing your car before the winter season is essential for your safety and for the protection of your vehicle.

Is it worth repairing car seats?

Leather car seats do add an edge and style to your car. But if you are trying to get your car sold, you might need to take a look at those shiny leather statement seats. The leather that once added personality to your vehicle might now look all cracked and torn. So if you are in this situation, should you consider repairing your car seats? Or is it not worth the trouble?

Actually you should. Most of the cuts and cracks in the leather would be close to the seam. These are easy and not so expensive to repair and would actually make a world of difference to your car seats and your car as a whole. However, this might not be the case with cuts that are further from the seam. The further they are, the harder and more expensive they are to repair.

In order to minimize the cost of repairing car seats, it is better to prevent the damage in the first place. Leather cracks because of the heat from direct sunlight. It is better to park your car in the shade especially if you intend to leave it for long hours.

It is best to keep your leather away from sharp objects and cigarette ashes. You should also make sure that repairs are made as soon as cracks and cuts happen because the minute there is cut near the seam, the worse it gets over time. Make sure that you probably clean and condition your leather seats following the manufacturer’s instructions as this will keep them in top condition.

With fabric seats it is a lot easier and cheaper. Fabric might not be as durable as leather but can be fixed by a handheld sewing machine. It can be easily replaced as well. A professional can easily replace torn fabric since it is subject to more stains from dirt, sweat and liquid spills.

Fixing and repairing your car seats is not something that you should overlook. It can have a huge effect on how your vehicle look and can ultimately affect its trading price if you are intending to sell it.


Important Steps for Selecting an Auto Repair Shop

It is normal that a car breaks down but finding the right auto repair shop can make a world of difference. Choosing the right repair shop can ensure that your vehicle will stay in top condition and can be the only guarantee to your safety. Most drivers just want to have their car on the road quickly, but the most important thing is to have it working properly.

First you have to find the best local option. Ask your friends and family if they know someone who is trustworthy. These local shops depend on a word of mouth to get their clients; this means that they will probably go that extra mile to keep their customers satisfied. In addition to that, they might even offer you a discount. Fixing your car at a local shop, means that you can drop it and pick it up quickly, eliminating the cost of having your car transported.

If you can’t find a proper local shop, then there are other ways to check the reviews to check the quality of the service provided by the repair shop of your choice. The best way is to go online. You will find a lot of reviews by different users who always provide their honest opinion.

You also need to pay attention to factors other than the price. Ask your repair shop about the exact time your car might be ready. Some shops offer a higher price for fast service. Don’t be a victim of a scam, some shop owners will offer you a high price if they sense your impatience.

Moreover, you need to feel free to ask your mechanic any questions you have. You can ask about their certifications, experiences, warranties and the estimated timeline for getting the job done. Doing a research before choosing the right mechanic is also crucial. You need to have some information about the price of different spare parts and repairing services to ensure that you are not being ripped off.

Having this data can help you make the correct decision concerning having your car fixed properly and at the right cost.

How To Change Your Own Flat Tire?

A flat tire could be as inhibiting as belly tires hindering the movement of your vehicle. Changing your own flat tire is a skill that every driver should have an idea about. Even if you are not going to do the whole job by yourself, you must be aware of how it is done:

  1. Make sure that you have the correct tools; the wrench, the inflated tire, the jack and the car user’s manual.
  2. You might need a flashlight with working batteries in addition to alarm cones or triangles so that other drivers can notice you.
  3. Always try to find a safe location.
  4. Turn on your hazard lights and apply the parking brakes. The brakes will ensure that your car stays in place.
  5. You might want to apply wheel wedges to keep your car secured in place. If you can’t find a piece of wood to put in front of your wheel, you can find a stone. This will ensure that your car doesn’t roll even when you use the jack.
  6. Remove the wheel cover and loosen the nails that secure the wheel. You might want to apply your whole body weight to loosen the bolts. Remember that the bolts had to be really tight so that your car stays safe on the road.
  7. Place the jack under the vehicle and raise the car. Find the right place to put the jack. Most cars have an exposed metal area that is specifically designed for this purpose.
  8. Now remove the nuts and pull the flat tire in your direction. It should come off easily.
  9. Mount the inflated tire and tighten the lugs by hand.
  10. Lower the vehicle and tighten the lugs completely using the wrench. You might want to apply your body weight to secure them perfectly.
  11. Put the wheel cover back if it fits. If it doesn’t fit your new tire then you might want to store it away with the rest of your tools.

Regular tire maintenance is great. You have to take care of your spare tire as much as you do with the original ones. You don’t know when you will need it.

Chinese electric car battery maker charges for global market

In the most unexpected place, lies the future of the automotive technology. China managed to compete with in the global market by increasing their production of lithium car batteries. Their increasing production enables them to keep up with the rising demands in the Chinese and global market.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd has grown from a simple hometown company to an international competent provider of lithium batteries due to the increasing demand as more and more people are switching now to electric cars.

The capital of this small hometown Chinese company has multiplied by 4 folds and as they intended to list in the Chinese exchange, they plan to further multiply it. They also plan to increase the power in their batteries so that one day they can be used in Tesla cars.

Competing in the Chinese market is a bit challenging since companies have to get rid of all foreign investment in order to be eligible for exempts. Before setting CALT, the team behind the company launched another company that is now fully owned by a Japanese company. This Japanese owned company separated from CALT to focus on batteries made for electronics. They still share the same premises though, although their lines of business have separated a long time ago.

The CEO Huang Shilin says that they are just going where the market pushes them and they hope that by 2020 they can successfully compete in the international market. Although their wishes are legitimate but their expansion depends on a number of variable factors. This includes the country’s regulations and rules in addition to the cost of Research and Development which can be tremendous.

The Chinese government is actually sponsoring companies like CALT for the increase in demand for electric cars, although they are forcing the small firms to consolidate or to go out of business.

CALT falls within the minimum requirement set by the government so they are off the hook and are still aiming to offer batteries that cost less than 1 Yuan.  To get there, CALT is hiring more than 1000 employees in the R & D department to reach their goals by 2020.


Basic Oil Change Tips

Oil changing seems like an easy task, but unless it is done it could really harm your engine. In an economically challenged community, learning to do something on your own can help you save some money and some time since you don’t have to drive up to the repair shop for every single fix. If done right oil change won’t take more than 20 minutes but if it is done wrong it can cost you a fortune, not just to replace oil but also to replace an entire engine.

In order to do it right, you need to follow these basic oil changing tips:

  1. Always make sure that you are buying the right type of oil and filter. It is especially useful to follow the user’s manual concerning the recommended oil type. Applying the wrong type of oil can result in poor performance and total engine damage.
  2. Buy the recommended filter. If your manufacturer recommends changing the filter after a certain distance, then this is what you should do. Using the filter for too long makes it practically useless. The filter is supposed to clean the oil of all the impurities that fill it after hours of burning. An old filter will not do that and you will end up with these impurities clogging the insides of your engine and internal hoses.
  3. If the engine is hot, let it cool for 30 minutes before trying to change the oil. If it is cold let the car heat up for 5 minutes first.
  4. Put your car on the jack to lift it up. Support the car on jack stands to secure it in place.
  5. Put a plastic sheet under the car on the ground and drive on top of it. Unscrew the plug and remove it quickly away from the oil stream. Get the old oil flowing until it is all gone.
  6. Smear some of the new oil on the new filter’s gasket and install it on the plug. Hand tightens the filter instead of using a filter wrench. Wipe the extra oil and you’re done.


Following these easy tips will ensure that you change your oil easily and swiftly.

4 Simple Car Repairs That Are Actually Best Left to the Pros


Being familiar with your car internal parts is important. But there are some tasks that are better left to the professionals due to their delicate nature or to the fact they are risky so it is better to leave them to someone who knows what they are doing. Hiring a professional can also save your money on the long run, since they will have it right from the first time.

In this article we high the most important 4 car repairs that you shouldn’t try yourself:

  • Fixing your car transmission:

Whether it is manual or automatic, fixing your transmission box is better left to the professionals. You might break a gear or mess up with the way the gears are arranged which can be a real hazard. This involves changing the fluid and maintaining its level.

  • Working around the airbags:

If you need to fix something with your steering wheel, you might want to leave it to a real pro. Not just because messing up with the steering wheel might cause your car to slide, but it could also cause the air bags to burst. Air bags bursting into your face can result in real physical and money damage so it is better to leave this to someone who knows what they are doing.

  • Replacing a windshield:

Replacing a windshield can be real tricky. You might end up with adhesive smeared all over your car or worse, you might end up with gaps. If not well installed, your windshield might fall while you are speeding and this can hurt people in the car.

  • Mounting tires and balancing them:

If not done, mounting tires can be really dangerous. You must make sure that your wheel is properly mounted and secured so that doesn’t get loose while you are on the road. Balancing 4 wheels is another story. You might get away with mounting one but to ensure that all the wheels are balanced and aligned, you need equipment that is only available at the repair shop.

Even if you are a car fanatic, there is a point of leaving some tasks to the real professionals.